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Wadiya Ali

A tech enthusiast, web developer, and software engineer from Pakistan with a knack for writing. Sharing insights from working community, bridging the gap between theory and implementation, a computer grad with knowledge of the web, app, ASP.NET, and Scrum. Favourite quote "The only key to success is consistency"

The CSS clip-path Property

The Awesome CSS clip-path Property

This article demonstrates the power of the CSS clip-path property. Included are syntax examples, code samples, images, and use cases. CSS clip-path is a property of CSS that allows you to show only a specific region of an element. It gives you the liberty…

What Are JavaScript Arrays, and How To Use Them?

What Are JavaScript Arrays, and How To Use Them

This tutorial demonstrates JavaScript arrays such as creating, manipulating, getting indexes, adding items, removing items, and sorting arrays. In the world of web development, JavaScript or JS is the essential browser scripting language, and it is responsible for improving users’…

Using jQuery To Manipulate Classes and IDs

How To Use jQuery To Manipulate Classes and IDs

This article demonstrates how to use jQuery to select and manipulate Classes and IDs. Included are jQuery methods, examples, and HTML snippets. Developing an interactive yet straightforward website front end is not an easy job, and it takes effort, creativity,…