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Oluwatosin Saibu

Hello, I'm Saibu Tosin. Currently, I live in Lagos, Nigeria. An IT Enthusiast, A freelance writer, graphic designer, and web developer. Asides from burying my head on my PC all the time, one other thing I've got a passion for is football (Watching and Playing). Welcome to my world.

Introduction to the Fancy JavaScript Request

Using JavaScript to Create HTTP Requests

An introduction to making requests with JavaScript using different methods, includes references about HTTP methods, requests, headers, and more. The JavaScript request functions allow clients to exchange data from all server-side and client-side resources. The request works by transferring data…

Explaining the Scale Property in CSS

Explaining the Scale Property in CSS

This article demonstrates the CSS scale property with examples and code samples, which can be used to scale an element on the x, y, and z-axis. The scale property in CSS is a CSS transformation property. It makes it possible…